Our Unique Rent-to-own Program

Build Wealth For Your Family, Not Your Landlord

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Find out how you can get into a home that you will own instead of renting

Self Employed

Many business owners rent, feeling that home ownership is impossible. This is simply not true. Find out how we can help get out of the rental market once an for all.


You’re a good person. You have a great job. You had excellent credit however now it’s ruined due to a divorce or separation. No problem. Find out how we can help you become a homeowner once again.

New to Canada

New to the country? No Canadian credit history? No problem. We have helped many new immigrants build up their credit and then finally purchase their own home.


A bankruptcy or consumer proposal does not mean you are stuck renting forever. Find out how we can get you into a home that you can finally own. 

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